Go on and indulge! The latest research is showing that women can reduce the risk of stroke with chocolate. The study, printed in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology was conducted in Sweden, consisting of women between 49 and 83 years of age. They were questioned about their diet and the foods they consumed, as well as the frequency thereof. Chocolate was on the list of foods and the study showed that the women who did indulge in these sweets were actually less likely to suffer from a stroke.

Previous evidence was shown in studies with regards to dark chocolate, but this study links the good news even to milk chocolate, mainly with a high concentration of cocoa.  However, it should still be enjoyed in moderation because too much chocolate may ultimately make you fat.  Putting on weight, especially around the waistline is not a good thing either, which could lead to serious conditions such as heart disease.

Strokes are increasingly prominent in women who are heavy around the waistline, who suffer from migraines, who are pregnant, and who are using hormone replacement therapy.

The results point to chocolate not being bad for you, when eaten in moderation, and possibly can do a world of good. So go on and reduce risk of stroke with chocolate, be it milk or dark chocolate.

 Journal of the American College of Cardiology.