Why Primer Should Be Used in Your Makeup Routine

A makeup routine is a very important part of any woman’s morning, or an outing or special event. It can be in the form of a liquid, a cream, or a gel. It is applied directly onto the face to smooth out the skin, prior to applying a translucent powder or foundation. Applying primer will reduce the appearance of fine lines, leaving your face to look like a smooth canvas that’s perfect for applying makeup.

How to Use Primer

Primer has to be a good quality product, for starters. Before using it, it’s important to clean and moisturize the skin.

Do You Need Moisturizer When Using Primer?

Absolutely. Each product is designed for a specific purpose. A moisturizer should never be neglected or replaced with another product, even a primer. Only a moisturizer will maintain hydration in the skin and keep it plump, but be sure to use one that is suitable for your skin type. Finally it’s time to apply the primer and then follow that up with a foundation or powder.

Just before bed, make sure that your makeup, including the primer, has been removed using a good cleanser and a nighttime moisturizer.

Having said that, it’s also vital to drink plenty of fluids to keep the skin hydrated from within.


Good to Know

A quality primer can be used without makeup, too. However, that doesn’t mean to skip the moisturizer step. When looking for a quality primer, choose one that’s a lightweight serum, and has opalescent light reflectors. These well keep the skin soft while diminishing lines and wrinkles. Moreover, a good primer will contain vital vitamins, like vitamin A and E.




See the difference in the pores? A good primer can go a long way in making you look fabulous. But, other tricks can help too.