What are the Causes of Dark Under Eye Circles and Bags and How to Fight Them

beat dark under eye cirles and bags
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The skin is an ever-changing organ.  With age, it sags or slacks because it loses its elasticity and the collagen, which plumps the skin, decreases. Age begins to show on our skin, more particularily around the eyes. Metabolism also slows with age. Fat takes the place of muscle. Dark circles are noticable as are sinking eyes and wrinkles.  Dark under eye circles and bags or puffiness can be a sign of a medical condition and only a doctor can rule that out. On occasion, this problem can arise with sinus infections. The congestion blocks blood flow causing blood to pool in the area.

beat dark under eye cirles and bags

How to Reduce or Banish Dark Under Eye Circles and Bags?

1. See your doctor.  He may run tests to rule out a medical condition.
2. Try to get more rest. Sleep deprivation can add to dark under eye circles and bags.
3. Use an extra pillow in bed. Bags and puffiness may sometimes increase due to water retention. Elevation will distribute the fluids more evenly.
4. Reduce your salt intake as this adds to water retention.
5. Eat healthier. The cause may be directly related to poor nutrition.
6. Avoid junk food.  Opt for fruit and vegetables.
7. Vitamin K is found  in green leafy vegetables like spinach, swiss chard, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, parsley, avocado and kiwi. Ensure you add these to your diet.
8. Choose an eye cream with vitamin K and vitamin C. They’ll do wonders for your eyes.
9. Apply cooled chamomile tea bags on the eyes to reduce swelling or puffiness. Chamomile is better than other teas due to its anti-inflammatory nature.
10. Place cool slices of cucumber on your eyes. Not only will it soothe tired eyes, but will reduce the darkness of the circles.

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