Are you doing everything right but still gaining weight? Here are some practices that may be the culprit. Learn more about weight loss and eating more hidden calories that can lead to substantial weight gain, or failed weight loss.

If you want to lose weight, take these weight-loss tips to heart.

Designer Coffee

Take your coffee without milk or sugar, or both. When you’re trying to make your beverage taste great, you’re adding lots of calories to the point that your coffee may be turning into a desert. And these practices will lead you to eating worse on the whole. In fact, according to researchers from the University of Illinois, as well as the University of California, found that these people had more fat, sugar, and saturated fat in their overall diets than their counterparts who only drank black coffee or plain tea.

The Dangers of Diet Drinks

Diet drinks are yet another culprit. Perhaps it’s because people think they can eat more when they opt for a diet drink rather than a calorie loaded beverage. Studies at the University of Texas health found that people drinking more than two soft drinks each day had six times greater waist size increases than those who didn’t drink diet soft drinks.

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Saving Calories

Saving calories until the end of the day. There are lots of people that will eat less throughout the day and then consume all the calories meant to be spread out throughout the day at night. This is especially true of middle-aged women. The problem with this is that they produce more of the ghrelin hormone. So, plan your meals carefully.

Socializing And Weight Loss

Social eating. Studies have shown that socializing is crucial and important for one’s overall health and well-being. However, the Journal of Nutrition finds that eating with friends encourages a 33% larger meal than when one eats alone. When that number of friends is increased to eight or more, the portion sizes increase by 96%! Be sure this doesn’t happen frequently.

Do You Hate Your Job?

Hating your job. With anxiety pangs comes cortisol hormone surges that can affect your hunger hormones. If that’s the case, you are sure to be snacking on high calorie snacks. The solution is simple, if you hate your job, look for another one, but in the meantime, try to control your binges.