How can one effectively use vitamin E in anti-aging?  Well, for one, it prevents the formation of scars in burns, acne, and post-operative situations. It increases fertility in both males and females and is said to reestablish male potency.   Vitamin E also protects the body and the skin from environmental toxins. It also aids fat soluble vitamins in the body from destruction by oxygen, while improving circulation.  It is beneficial in many methods of treatment

with muscle diseases and paralysis. For the skin, a pierced capsule can heal cuts and scrapes quicker and can be used as a treatment for wrinkles. Simply dab a drop of the oil onto the area and massage into the skin.

Problems Associated with Vitamin E Deficiency

A diet deficient in vitamin E in men can result in sterility; in women it can lead to repeated miscarriages; in both men and women, it can result in stroke, heart disease.

Vitamin-E supp

Vitamin E Rich Foods

Foods that contain Vitamin E include: nuts, wheat, wheat germ, whole grain foods, cereals, green leafy veggies, milk and eggs.


The recommended daily requirement of Vitamin E is 15 IU.