Vitamin D

Vitamin D is naturally supplied by the sun, so 10 minutes each day is all that is required. Besides the sun, it is also found in milk, eggs, and fish.  So how does vitamin D aid anti-aging?  This vitamin is vital for the formation of teeth and bones as well as maintaining a healthy thyroid.  Also, it helps the absorption of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals.


The Benefits of Vitamin D

It is beneficial in treating nervousness, constipation and muscular fatigue. Various sources of foods contain this essential vitamin are shown below.


Toxicity can occur if exceeding dosage.  The body cannot excrete this vitamin naturally. The signs associated with toxicity are thirst, itchy skin, vomiting, diarrhea, soreness in the eyes, frequent urination and others.

Dangers of Vitamin D Deficiency

A diet lacking in Vitamin D can result in the deformation of bones and tooth decay.
The recommended daily allowance of Vitamin D for adults is 400 to 500 IU.
The recommended daily allowance of Vitamin D for children is 400 to 500 IU.