The Facts About Lemon

For some, the answers to healthy living lie in bottles and commercial products, but nature has its very own solutions that have been with us for hundreds and even thousands of years. This citrus fruit is great for drinking, especially first thing in the morning, and wonderful to use in cooking and baking, thanks to its distinctive sour taste.

Lemons in Medicine

Lemons have been used in traditional medicine for centuries, namely in India. It’s low pH is what makes it antibacterial, which is a natural way to stay healthy, rather than treat an illness with commercial products and pharmaceuticals.

The Benefits of Lemon

1. Antibacterial. The juice of the lemon has a low pH and has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.

2. Skin moisturizer. Rub pure lemon on skin (avoiding the eyes) to moisturize skin better than commercial products, as it nourishes the skin. Caution: Stay out of the sun, as it may increase the chance of sunburn.

3. Powerful antioxidant. Can fend off many illnesses, fights free radicals.

4. Vitamin C. Boosts the immune system, protecting you from many infections and diseases.

5. Antiseptic. Lemon’s antiseptic properties can help fight acne.

6. Anti-inflammatory properties. Lemon can help with arthritis, rheumatism and gout, as well as assisting with cellulite reduction.

7. Treating the common cold and flu. Got a sore throat? Gargle with a solution of lemon juice and water.

8. Treating Diseases and Health Issues. May successfully treat ringing in ears or tinnitus, kidney stones, constipation, fluid retention, and Meniere’s disease.

9. Controls Blood Pressure. Following a simple routine can keep your blood pressure under control.

10.Weight Loss. May contribute to weight loss, in combination with other healthy choices.

Lemons are readily available, virtually year-round, so they are easy to include in your diet, in menu planning, to strengthen your immune system, and in your beauty regime. Should you not be able to find lemons at some time during the year, lime will make a good substitute.