Tone and burn fat in the arms

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Don’t use very heavy weights unless you want to build muscles.  If you want to tone and burn fat in the arms, light weights are the way to go.

Obviously, a lot changes with age.  That is especially true for those who didn’t take the extra time to take care of their bodies.  Poor diet and minimal physical activity will show on your body and your face.  Of course, we can only see the exterior, but the interior of the body is also suffering with those lifestyle choices that we made all along.  You will definitely see a change in the upper arms, which will only worsen as you do get older.  They become flabbier if they are not properly exercised, to the point where you wave hello and they continue to greet others without your consent.

So, if you want nicer arms, you will simply have to work on them.  Thankfully, it won’t take much, nor will it take a lot of effort.  What you do need is to use light weights and target the various muscles in the upper arms: the triceps and the biceps, especially.

The biceps can be exercised by holding the dumb bells directly in front of you.  Work them out one repetition on the right and then one on the left, alternating.  Either standing or sitting, simply bend the elbow, raising the weight to about shoulder height.  Start off slow and gradually increase the sets and the repetitions.  A good start would be 20 reps between both arms, for a total of 3 sets.

The triceps are properly exercised using similar weights.  There are different methods and we will cover two of them here. The first requires you to sit with legs firmly on the ground and slightly apart, with your back straight. Then you should hold one weight with both hands above your head.  Slowly lower the weight behind your head by bending your elbows.  Repeat 10 – 15 times, take a break and then repeat the set 2 more times.

Or, you can place your left leg on the couch or bench, bent and leaning forward and supporting yourself with your left arm.  Then hold the weight in your right hand.  Your right arm should be positioned parallel to your body, bent at the elbow. Slowly extend your arm backwards, simply by straightening your elbow and not moving your upper arm.  Repeat the exercise 10 – 15 times, switch arms until you accomplish 3 sets.

After a few weeks, you will notice visible results and your arms will be firmer allowing you to bare your arms, wave hello and good-bye without being self conscious of them.  Additionally, you will have stronger arms.

Share this to your friends & family