Tips to Slow Aging Process

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While aging is a natural part of life, it doesn’t have to come on so quickly, nor does one have to succumb to the various illness and diseases that people over the age of 40 have to deal with. Below are some of the best tips to slow aging process.

As you already know, you must quit smoking if you smoke. There is no need to go down that path as we have been well informed on the subject over the years. However, aside from the harmful health effects, it is worth mentioning that smoking will cause aging. In fact, specialists say that one can actually turn back the hands of time by up to 10 years just by quitting.


From there, if any wants to really fight the anti-aging battle, it is a must to improve your diet. Follow these tips for the best results:

1. Cut out all trans fats from your diet. Be careful with certain prepared foods that claim zero trans fats. The fact is that there is a small loophole in the law that allows some. Read the labels and learn to understand what each ingredient and additive really is. For instance, trans fats come from foods cooked with hydrogenated oils.

2. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables of all colors according to what is in season. When cooking vegetables, do so in the healthiest of ways by boiling them as minimally as possible. For instance, boil just enough water that would cover the broccoli, then add the broccoli and boil for about 3 minutes. This will ensure that the food will maintain a good level of vitamins. As well, choose organic produce when possible.

3. Reduce red meat consumption and limit it to only once a week. Meat of all kinds are subjected to various antibiotics and hormones that are linked to many health problems. If at all possible, choose free range meats from farms that promise organic produce.

4. Supplement your improved diet with the right vitamin and mineral dosages. The recommended daily or RDA may not be sufficient enough for some people. However, it is important that you discuss any amounts over the RDA with your doctor before doing so. For instance, those who smoke will need to increase their intake of vitamin C because this vitamin becomes depleted with tobacco smoking.

5. Reduce alcohol intake because this will speed up the aging process. However, it is recommended to drink a glass of red wine with lunch and dinner. Red wine has been found to contain resveratrol which is known to have anti-aging properties.

6. Keep chemicals out of your home. Instead of using harsh chemicals, find more environmentally products to complete the various tasks of cleaning and washing. All these chemicals play a role in our overall health for various reasons. For instance, instead of bleach, use white vinegar to clean floors, deodorize the home, etc. If commercial cleansers must be used, at least do not allow them to come in contact with your skin. So, wear gloves.

7. Make your home a healthier one by bringing in a few plants, like the Mother’s-in-law tongue or snake plant. This plant produces fresh oxygen and eliminates pollutants from the air within the home. Even NASA uses them on the Space Shuttle for these reasons!

8. Avoid using the microwave oven as much as possible. Use conventional heating and warming methods, like the stove.

9. Bathe or shower with natural products that don’t contain any unknown ingredients. For instance, use bars of natural olive oil instead of soap. For body lotions and facial moisturizers, choose emu oil. Both of these will do their jobs without causing any potential harm.

10. Make your own moisturizers, cleansers and masks at home with fresh produce and products that may already be in your cupboards. Like this you know exactly what they are made of.

Share this to your friends & family