Can You Really Fade Age Spots?

It’s true that there is a lack of effective products to fade age spots, but there are some that do really live up to their promises.  One doesn’t have to stay with the mainstream commercial products available, but can also explore natural ways to remove these unsightly brown spots.

The reason it’s recommended to stay away from the commercial products is that they are chock full of harmful chemicals.  They contain such chemicals in order to preserve the product, for one thing, and to make up for the lack of truly active ingredients.



Why Do We Develop Age Spots?

The development of age spots are directly related to melanin, or the overproduction of the skin’s pigment.  What actually occurs is a concentration of melanin in a small area, which gives birth to be unsightly age spots.  More often than not, it has everything to do with overexposure to the sun over the years.  While you may be cautious in these days, it has lots to do with playing outdoors without any protection in our youth.

How to Fade Age Spots Naturally

Whitening creams are the solution for getting rid of age spots, but they must be of the highest quality.  As such, look for those which contain Extrapone Nutgrass, which was known for its skin healing properties, and was later found to have whitening properties, with the capacity to reduce melanin by about 40%.

Sea kelp, just mostly found in Japan and is a sea grass, is another helpful product.  Rich in antioxidants, item ends and minerals, it can drink should your skin with all that’s good and all it needs, while preventing the brown spots from popping up again.

It’s best to find products that contain both these ingredients for the best looking skin you can possibly have, meaning having an even skin tone that’s firm yet elastic.  The most important thing to understand is the actual problem, and not just the symptom.  When you understand what causes the problem, you can treat it as well as all of its symptoms, and more often than not, naturally.

Commercial Age Spot Removal

If the natural products don’t give you the results you want, there are other solutions.  In most cases, this will entail a visit to your dermatologist to prescribe powerful creams.  More people will find that natural products do work, so it’s worth a shot, but in the event that the positive results are lacking, look for bleaching creams like alpha hydroxy acids or hydroquinone.  These are to be applied directly over the age spots, he it on your hands or your face.  There are over-the-counter solutions like the ones above, but they will not be as strong as those prescribed by your dermatologist.  These can work on newer age spots that aren’t as dark as those that have been there for years.

Additionally, you may want to try a micro-dermabrasion treatment, whereby the skin is “sanded” using a special tool that will remove age spots from both your face and hands.

Another solution offered by your dermatologist is a laser skin rejuvenation treatment.  This will require several treatments to remove the age spots, by targeting the melanin in the skin.  Eventually, the targeted areas will blister and peel off days later.

As you can see there are many solutions to fading age spots, the smart way to go about their removal is to go through the steps rather than be hasty and go directly to the most obtrusive step.  In doing so, you can be gentler on your skin, and avoid having to spend needless amounts of money on unnecessary treatments.