Do You Consume MSG and Aspartame?

With people looking for healthy alternatives to sugar, they turn to sweeteners like aspartame. Did you know that most chewing gum sold today is sweetened with aspartame? And that it could be extremely dangerous to your health, and contribute to the onset of diabetes. It can cause the fasting blood glucose levels to increase while reducing the insulin sensitivity.

MSG is another. MSG, or monosodium glutamate that can destroy your health. MSG is a food additive often found in Chinese food, chips, and other such snacks, as well as processed foods.

When the two join forces, the risk of weight gain increases, as do fasting glucose levels. Often, packaged foods contain both, with MSG being “hidden.”

Diabetes and Aspartame

If you have diabetes, forget aspartame altogether. It is made up of an unnatural structure. Aspartame’s amino acids, which are far different from those found in natural foods, actually attack your cells. They can even cross the blood-brain barrier, so they can also declare war on your brain cells. This creates a toxic cellular environment known as excitotoxicity. MSG has the same effect, so when the two get together, it’s an all-out war against your brain cells.

MSG is in 80% of all flavored, packaged foods, and according to studies, is the ideal drug for obesity because it excites the area of the brain that controls fat storage and metabolism.

If that’s not enough, aspartame and MSG can make you GAIN weight, the very thing they claim they won’t do. How? Researchers have found that MSG consumption may cause leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that’s suspected of being involved in weight gain. They found that those who consumed MSG also produced more leptin, and their bodies stored more fat. The key is to read labels and understand them to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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