Your face is the first thing that people look at when they see you–your hair is right up there with the face and it defines who we are. That’s why we spend hundreds of dollars each year, cutting, styling, coloring, washing and conditioning it so that it looks fabulous every day. Of late, and for the last couple of years, shampoos and other haircare products have been in the spotlight, thanks to media pressure about their ingredients--mainly sulfates. Sulfates are chemicals that produce lather, which most of us judge shampoos by–the more they lather, the better. But, that’s not necessarily true. While products are still being produced with sulfates, many shampoo manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon and have added sulfate-free shampoo formulas to their existing lines.

organic shampoo

With so many organic shampoos to choose from, it’s important to know which ingredients provide the benefits you’re looking for. That means you should familiarize yourself with the various natural ingredients, from antioxidant fruits and vegetables to herbs and botanicals. Knowing your stuff means having a healthier scalp and luminous, healthy hair. Here’s a list of the most popular sulfate free natural ingredients in organic shampoos and how each benefits your hair:

  Lemon: gently cleans greasy hair without absorbing moisture, contains anti-bacterial properties.

  Coconut: great for gentle scent, and contains cleaning properties.

  Sea Kelp: re-hydrates hair.

  Aloe Vera: restores damaged hair.

Tea Tree: helps reduce oily build-up and alleviate flaking and relieves dry and itchy scalp.


Wheat Protein:  locks in moisture and smooths the hair shaft.


  Nettle:  stimulates hair growth & imp


  Chamomile: helps prevent dryness and irritation.


  Hemp Oil: conditions and moisturizes hair and scalp, leaving  hair soft to the touch.

  Omega 3: strengthens your scalp and hair shaft,  and prevents hair loss.









  French Cypress: controls excess perspiration of the sebaceous glands – the main cause of oily hair, works to repair broken capillaries found to form around the scalp line.

  Rosemary: responsible for stimulating cell renewal and hair growth.


  Basil:  increases circulation, and strengthens brittle, dry, and thinning hair.


Jojoba and Argan Oils:  provide nutrients for shiny hair, promote scalp health, and help with light dandruff.

Many of the natural ingredients found in shampoos, as those mentioned above, can offer more benefits than listed, however, only their main benefits are provided. Having said that, there are many more natural ingredients used in making haircare products, but the most popular were included in the above list.