The Miracle Foot Repair for Fast Dry Cracked Feet and Cracked Heel Relief

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The miracle foot repair for fast dry cracked feet and cracked heel relief is revealed here. And the best part is that it will cost you less than $10, but that won’t be for one time. In fact, the tools required will last you some time. So, in essence, the cost of repairing your cracked feet will be pennies each time.

The items you will need include:

a bucket or container to fit your feet
a pumice stone
a cuticle remover
plain oatmeal
1/2 a lemon
thick socks

Fill the container with warm water, just to cover feet
soak feet for about a half hour
Scrape your feet with a pumice stone or similar tool

Once this is done, remove your feet from the container and dry them with a towel. Then rub the lemon all over your feet. The oatmeal will soften and moisturize and the lemon is known as a moisturizer too. Allow them to air dry and the lemon will penetrate your skin. Use the cuticle cutter to clean the cuticles and use a lotion or oil to moisturize them. Avoid using the lemon here as it could sting.

At bedtime, apply a generous amount of vaseline onto the feet and cover them immediately with the thick socks. Don’t walk around without wearing the socks as it can be dangerously slippery, not to mention very messy. Wear the socks overnight. In the morning, remove the socks and wash your feet without walking around as it can still be dangerous.

Moisturize them and use the pumice stone regularly in the shower or after soaking in the bath. The bottom line is that the above mentioned process won’t have to be repeated continuously. This is only required in the beginning, maybe for a week or two, depending on the severity of the problem.

Repeat the process, except for the part of the cuticle cleaning as this won’t be necessary for another week or two. Each time you follow this treatment, you will undoubtedly notice incredible results, even if you have tried other things and they never worked, this is the solution miracle foot repair for cracked heel relief and dry cracked feet. The key is to maintain your feet to not allow them to dry out.

Share this to your friends & family