The Greek mountain tea works against Alzheimer

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“The superior tea comes from the high mountains,” said an ancient Chinese proverb. “The Greek mountains” now add German scientists.

There is increasing reports of the miraculous properties of the Greek mountain tea in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease, which leads to the degeneration of brain cells. Suffering from Alzheimer 800,000 people in Germany and about 30 million worldwide.

The future, no, scenarios sound even more haunting, as they increase their potential patients in 2050 to more than 110 million worldwide.

Among 150 plants

“For seven years we have experimented with 150 plants and herbs from around the world, China, Thailand, Indonesia” tells the “K” Professor of Neurology at the University of Magdeburg and director of the eponymous Research Center for Neurological Diseases, Jens Pahnke . The twenty members team analyzed the ingredients of plants and animals trying to, but without significant benefit.

“From our research on the Internet, we learned about the properties of the Greek herb and decided to order it in 2010,” recalls a German professor. “We had the best results!” He describes.

Specifically, when given to mice for 25 days reduces brain injury in approximately 80%. The next “best” result was Thiethylperazin component, but reaches 70%. The 38 year old professor, who’re treated 1,500 patients from around the world annually, tested properties of tea and the mountain people.

“Drinking tea daily for six months, the disease is reneging on the level it was nine months before and after it is stabilized significantly,” he explains. “I had a patient who had memory problems and orientation and had reached a point where it could not go to the toilet on their own,” he explained. “Granted him tea for two months and now has improved to such an extent that is about to go on holiday with a friend in the Alps,” he said.

At present, the doctor recommends that you drink several cups of cold or hot tea a day. It is even common sense that the sooner one takes preventive measures for Alzheimer better. “Usually, one can reach the point of not remembering how to return home to realize that something …” run “and visit us,” says German doctor “, but if it had been earlier in a related test, we had better evolution of the disease.

” The next two years the team of Magdeburg is to create a drug from the Greek tea (this applies to the variety “sideritis scardica” endemic mainly in Macedonia) in pill form. The benefits are many, “it is concentrated, so the effect will be even more effective, while a pill is easier to use.”
Large quantities of
Of course, to complete the process required very large quantities. “Ordering tons to serve all patients,” he said. However, Professor and hide us that “we have begun to cultivate tea in some areas in Bulgaria, which are related to climate and soil of the mountains of Macedonia.” And in our reasonable questions, answers: “We had no longer afford to import from Greece. Once it was realized the intense interest in our product price increased 600%. ”



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