Does the Perfect Workout Exist?

Some would say it does, but it’s different for everyone. The perfect workout consists of exercises that are ideal to an individual, taking into consideration their age, level of physical fitness and more, including the time they have available to exercise. Not everyone has the luxury of working out in a gym for hours on end, as there are numerous responsibilities they must deal with, like children, jobs or careers, and so on. The important thing is to find the best fat burning workout that provides the ideal solution for YOU.

The Perfect Workout

Your appearance and your goals will also play a huge role in which fat blasting routine you opt for, too. Some may be happy to just shed those extra pounds to improve their health, while others may be striving for a sculptured look that turns heads. Whatever the case, most would agree that they would prefer to minimize time spent at the gym by combining exercises for quicker results.

Intense workouts are certainly best, but they must respond to all the needs of the body’s muscles, meaning there should be strength building exercises as well as cardio workouts. The entire body must be focused on in order to achieve the ultimate results, and doing so in a smart way so that several muscles are worked out in groups to save time.

Top Leg Workouts to Burn Fat–Squats

For women, legs thighs and hips are a huge problem. Squats are the best workouts that build muscle while burning fat. You may want to start such exercises without any weights (if you’re really out of shape or have some physical incapacity). Once you get the hang of it, bring in the weights. With a barbell resting on the upper part of your back and with legs shoulder-width apart, tighten your core and slowly bend the knees until thighs are parallel to the floor. Return to the starting position quickly and repeat 10 – 15 times (one set), doing at least two sets per workout.

This is a great workout to burn fat and tone most of the lower body, so you save lots of time this way, rather than going from one machine to another. Basically, you should be done with your lower body exercises within 15 minutes or so.

Belly Fat

Another difficult area that many women face with regards to fat rolls is in the abdominal area. Belly fat can be the most challenging of all because whatever we eat settles there first. Plus there is the bloating and other issues related to the area that make it even more difficult to see real results. Along with these fat busting belly exercises, you should commit to avoiding bread, or at least reducing the amount you consume. Even cutting your bread consumption by half can show an improvement.

Surefire Ab Exercises

The goal here is to workout all the abdominal region, which means doing numerous types of exercises aside from situps or regular crunches, but also including reverse crunches, ab pulse ups and ab V holds, where you raise your legs and upper body, leaving only the butt on the floor. By the same token, you must execute the ab exercises properly in order to get the most out of the workout.

The Arms

Great Arms Workout

Many women may also have to face flabby arms, which are often in plain sight, especially during the warmer months. Repairing this area can be quite easy, as many exercises may be performed at many given times throughout the day, during regular activities, in addition to your workout sessions.

For instance, while you’re cooking, use a chair to do some lifts. Place your hands on the edge of the chair, facing away from the chair, with legs extended, and lift and lower your body. This will work out the muscles under your arms, or the triceps. Triceps can also be successfully worked out with dumbbells. With weight in one hand, raise it straight up, beside your head. Next, slowly bend the elbow so the weight heads behind your head, and then repeat.

For the biceps, you can, while cooking or watching TV, do some pushups against the wall. This exercise will also work some back and chest muscles, so it’s a time saver. Weights can, of course, also be used in numerous ways, either through using a barbell or dumbbells, usually involving curling the weights toward the shoulders and then lowering them to the hips.

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