The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Research shows that intermittent fasting can help you lose weight. According to the studies, and as suggested by Dr. J. Mercola, a little starvation goes a long way for overall health improvements, weight loss, and longevity. The idea of intermittent fasting may aid the body to burn fat for primary fuel, as opposed to burning carbs and sugar.

However, such ideas or concepts lead many to believe they can binge eat and still reap the rewards. Not so. The concept is all about timing meals within a given time frame. Doing so will let the body rest for the fasting period. There are different variations of this form of dieting: either daily intermittent fasting or entire days of fasting each week; the latter is more difficult for most.

For How Long Do I Fast?

The fasting length must be a minimum of 16 hours during daily intermittent fasting. For instance, you can eat between 10 AM and 6 PM. For most, this means skipping breakfast. The reason behind this concept and why it works is because burning fat occurs after about six or eight hours of having eaten. In those initial hours, the body metabolizes glycogen stores. If you eat again within those eight hours, the body doesn’t necessarily use up the fat stores for fuel and continues to metabolize the glycogen stores.

Simply put, this becomes a lifestyle change, rather than a regular diet. Most people continue to gain weight, or at least maintain or return to their initial weight when following regular diets. Don’t fall victim to what is counterproductive, whereby you eat crazy amounts of foods and junk food, as you will not experience any success. Overeating won’t change anything, and neither will gorging during the regular eating hours or days. Instead, embrace this lifestyle change with healthy food choices.

Opt for healthy fats that come in the form of all of or coconut oil, real butter and not margarine, nuts, avocados, and eggs. It will take a few weeks before you have noticeable results, but if you hang in there, it will happen. This lifestyle change will also eliminate sugar cravings and other snack foods. The result will turn your body into a fat burning machine. The results of certain studies about intermittent fasting indicate an enormous rise of HGH, or human growth hormone in both men and women, by about 2000% and 1300% respectively.

HGH is extremely important for overall health and longevity. It promotes muscle growth and fat loss that will revive the metabolism. Moreover, this form of fasting can also normalize insulin and leptin sensitivity, as well as help to reduce free radicals, can lower triglyceride levels, help preserve memory function, and more.

Continuous calorie restriction may be more popular, but intermittent fasting can be better, according to experts in the field. It’s also easier to handle in this day and age, where most of us are accustomed to reaching for snacks throughout the day. Restricting the hours you eat can also reduce the risk of developing cancer.

The brain can also greatly benefit from intermittent fasting, as shown in research related to neurons. When you fast, the body finds energy from fat stores, after which fatty acids are released into the bloodstream. These fatty acids are known as ketones, which can protect learning and memory functionality. This can also slow the progression of a disease in the brain. Neural health can be promoted as it will trigger many chemicals, and activate brain cells stems to convert to new neurons.

When undergoing an intermittent fast, be sure to allow the body to rest for three hours prior to sleep. That means eating and drinking nothing during that period, except for water. Reduce the number of carbs you eat, without giving them up entirely, and you will start to enjoy the benefits, such as a curb for sweets and junk food. Other benefits include increasing the beneficial bacteria in the gut, developing healthier gut bacteria. Improving the gut bacteria can improve your immune system, which will ensure you won’t get sick is often from regular colds and flu, and the like. It will also experience increased energy and mental clarity, allowing you to focus better.

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