This stop bloating and gas guide is meant to correct the problem associated with the belly. For some, and for no apparent reason, bloating is a common problem that strikes at any time. Often, there are ways to beat the belly bloating with a few lifestyle changes. As you are an individual, you will have to do your homework to better understand where your personal belly bloating issues begin.

Best Advice to Stop Bloating and Gas

However, the best piece of advice for anyone and everyone is to chew your food better. The more finely chewed, the better. Experts suggest chewing until solid foods almost become liquids. This will help your system to digest foods without having to work overtime. The less work the stomach has to do to digest foods, the less problems you’ll have with bloating issues.

For causes of severe gas and bloating, seek professional medical advice before all else.  If you are trying to uncover the causes for extreme gas and bloating, even before seeing your doctor, try some of the lifestyle changes suggested below to ease the symptoms until your medical appointment.

How to Beat Bloating and Gas

Today, we overextend ourselves when it comes to food. It’s so easy to come by; there are so many delicious dishes to cook and restaurants to dine in that it’s almost impossible to control ourselves. If you love food, you can still enjoy it, but try to reduce the amount of food you consume at each sitting. What can cause gas and bloating will be different from one person to the next.

Additionally, there could be a food intolerance or two that is responsible for your bloating. So, take the time to rule out any such intolerance. Be vigilant and keep a log of everything you eat. It will help you to narrow down any foods or ingredients that are bothering your system.  Food allergies could also be the source of your suffering.

Some foods naturally give you gas. Avoid such foods as cauliflower, cabbage, and the like. If you absolutely crave them, be mindful of your portions and also of the manner in which they are cooked. Some cooking methods make matters worse.

Avoid constipation at all costs. Take something that will keep you regular, if necessary. Introduce fiber gradually into your diet, as too much too fast can actually CAUSE constipation. Take it slow, and take it with plenty of liquids. Fiber will help you maintain regularity, softening stools for easier bowel movements. Enjoy fruits and vegetables regularly, as they really help move things along.

Moreover, you may consider taking digestive enzyme supplements which are designed to break down foods.

On another note, consider introducing probiotics to your diet as well. Probiotics occur naturally in yogurt, helping to develop good bacteria in the gut. If you intend on doing this, be consistent. Eat yogurt every day, and do whatever possible to get the healthiest yogurt available. For the best yogurt, make it yourself. It’s easy and really nutritious, as it lacks any preservatives. Plus, it would always be freshly made, ensuring it will do all the good its meant to do. As many don’t have the time, or won’t take the time, to prepare their own yogurt at home, opt for probiotic supplements.


stop bloating and gas

Your distended gut can also be the result of low stomach acid. This particular problem can cause numerous other health issues, including a vitamin or mineral deficiency. This can be corrected or at least improved with apple cider vinegar. Click the above link for more information.


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