Slow Hair Loss with Right Diet

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Slow Hair Loss with the Right Diet

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Hair loss does not affect only men.  Women and children can be affected too.  However, not everyone loses their hair the same way, or for the same reasons.  Nutrition is known to cause hair loss.  If your diet is low in iron or protein, this can cause a certain type of hair loss known as alopecia.

If you are losing more than 100 hairs each day, speak to your physician.  Sometimes, hair loss is directly related to an underlying medical condition.

He can order tests to rule out diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, or lupus which are known to cause hair loss. Ensure your doctor knows of all medications you are taking, as some medications can be responsible for hair loss, too. Certain medication for treating arthritis, high blood pressure, and others including some birth control pills can cause hair loss.

What the Condition of Your Hair and Nails are Telling You

The fact is that hair and nails can be an indication of overall health. Poor eating habits and pollution as well as stress all affect the hair. Although much can be done to improve hair on the outside, it is important to try to make improvements from the inside, too: meaning, eat better and supplement your diet with vitamins.

What You Can Do To Improve Your Hair

Walnut oil nurtures the scalp and can restore strength and shine, while the vitamin B group balances the scalp area by metabolizing the amino acids in keratin.

Hair loss is definitely attributed to the unhealthy diets of most Americans, i.e., high-animal protein, high fat and high-salt diet which damage the kidneys. Also American diets are very low in vitamins. Hormonal changes are brought about with excessive dieting and, therefore, hair loss is one of the major symptoms of anorexia and bulimia.

If you add proper vitamins to your diet via fruits and vegetables, you may succeed at slowing the loss of hair.  Also, it would be advisable to decrease the amount of starches you eat.

Leaving the issue as is will only lead to permanent hair loss. Do what you can to avoid this and improve the situation.

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