Chronic Stress is one of the 10 Sure Ways to Kill Your Sex Drive

The silent killer, chronic stress does so much harm to the body. It’s no wonder why so many cancer and chronic disease cases exist. With regards to sex, chronic stress can kill libido because stress converts progesterone into cortisol, which is a stress hormone, rather than making sex hormones. Find ways to relax, like meditating or a good exercise regime and try to laugh more.


Men with normal blood sugar levels experienced better sexual health, according to the Journal Of Sexual Medicine, and a study that was published in 2009. In fact, many of those with higher blood sugar levels reported erectile dysfunction. What’s the solution, cut out sugar as much as possible, and avoid aspartame and other harmful sweeteners. Instead, choose raw honey, organic liquid Stevia and the like.


Some sodas contain brominated vegetable oil or BVO. Unfortunately, bromine products have been associated with male infertility, a decreased libido, and impotence. While on that subject, brominated flame retardants used to make certain products, like some carpet padding, could also be affecting your sex drive. The key is to avoid the accumulation of these flame retardants in your home by wet mopping and vacuuming with a HEPA filter vacuum.


Don’t panic, it doesn’t include all fish. However, women may be noticing a reduction in their sex drive because they’re eating foods that contain industrial waste chemicals. These chemicals are found in meat, dairy, and fish products and mimic PCBs.

Fish to Avoid

Make smarter food choices and definitely avoid the following fish:

  • imported catfish
  • caviar from wild caught Sturgeon or Beluga
  • American eel – high contamination of mercury and PCBs
  • imported farmed shrimp –  various contaminants like antibiotics, rat hair, E. coli, and more
  • Atlantic flatfish like sole, halibut, and flounder – heavy contamination
  • Atlantic salmon – wild caught or farm raised
  • imported Alaskan King crab,
  • shark – high mercury content,
  • orange roughly,
  • Atlantic Bluefin tuna- highest levels of mercury compared to any other type of tuna, and
  • Chilean sea bass – illegal catching. Source: Rodale Wellness

Gender Bending Pesticide

The common that weed killing chemical, atrazine, can dramatically suppress the male sex drive. This was noted when scientists studied male frogs exposed to this chemical. Even worse, many male frogs, a total of 10%, actually turned into females. These pesticides are hormone disruptors. Eating organic foods is the only way to go.

Microwavable Popcorn

Those nonstick chemicals lining the microwavable popcorn bag contain PFOA or PFOS, leading to male infertility, testicular tumors, and a lack of sex drive. If you want popcorn, do it the old-fashioned way.

Cash Register Receipts

BPA chemicals are hormone disrupting. Unfortunately, BPAs coat 40% of cash register receipts. BPAs are linked to heart disease and fertility problems.


There has been a strong link to soy foods resulting in decreased sperm counts in a recent Harvard study. Avoid all soy-containing foods. Those who ate various foods containing soy had poor sperm quality, after a semen analysis test.

Sex Toys

Though it may be disappointing to learn this, some sex toys can be harmful to both male and female libidos because they contain vinyl. It’s not just sex toys, as your shower curtain can also be the culprit. This product may disrupt hormones in addition to reducing testosterone. So, opt for medical grade silicone or glass vibrators.

Air Fresheners and Scented Candles

It’s nice for a home to smell great. Candles can get you in the mood, but artificially scented candles kill your sex drive, in addition to linking to premature aging. The artificially scented candles made with petroleum, pollute the air with toxic components, much like tailpipe exhaust. Moreover, these products affect testosterone levels. Better to avoid lighting any candles, unless you choose beeswax.

Birth Control Pills

Ovaries are put to sleep when women take birth control pills, and so they affect her testosterone production. When the testosterone becomes useless due to the contraceptives, the liver reacts by sending out sex hormone binding globulin, neutralizing many sex hormones.

Source: MSN Health