Fend Off Cancer with this Supplement

There is a lot of information about what minerals, vitamins and supplements are necessary to fight cancer, and all may do their part but one mineral leads the way. Selenium, however, when taken at higher doses than the recommended daily allowance, or RDA has an anti-cancer effect. What’s more is that it isn’t toxic at those levels.

Anti-cancer Selenium

as explained by science:

*Can strengthen the immune system;
*Can suppress the growth of blood vessels that further supply nutrients to the cancer
*Can regulate cell proliferation;
*Can inhibit tumor cell invasion.

It is important however, to avoid going beyond this dosage, as toxicity can be possible. Signs of a selenium toxicity include bad breath, or garlic breath, as well as dry skin. Furthermore, as it increases, you may develop white patches on the fingernails, causing them to become brittle and flake off. Hair problems, or hair loss is also an indication of selenium toxicity.

Being deficient in selenium may lead to other health problems, including:

Heart failure and/or atherosclerosis;
Cognitive decline

Facts about Selenium

Selenium can also improve sperm motility.

Selenium occurs naturally in some foods, with the leader being Brazil Nuts. However, it is crucial to not over-indulge, as even in its natural form, it can be toxic.

Also, diabetics should beware of taking too much selenium. Researchers have found that many diabetics have higher levels of selenium in their bodies.