There is a lot of talk about gut health of late and with good reason. The number of chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases, and cancer is staggering, and some believe it has lots to do with poor gut health. In the past, habits were different, and lifestyles included more than just work and stress but also socializing and even the occasional drink. In ancient times, the Greeks were known for drinking lots of wine, and in modern times, it’s the French. Poor gut health, be it because it’s a result of poor eating habits, antibiotics, or what have you, leads to leaky gut syndrome. When leaky gut occurs, it’s like opening Pandora’s box. That raises the question of what foods and drinks benefit the gut? And more particularly, does drinking red wine improve gut bacteria?

Does drinking red wine improve gut bacteria

So, Does Drinking Red Wine Improve Gut Bacteria?

Research has shown, although in a very small study, that the moderate intake of certain red wines can improve gut bacteria. Increasing good bacteria in the gut is the key to a healthier gut and digestive system. The Spanish study suggests that sipping approximately 9 ounces of a low alcohol red wine or Merlot can alter the good and bad bacteria in a way that will benefit health.

The researchers also suspect it’s not necessarily the alcohol in red wine. Instead, the actual polyphenol compounds found in the wine  leads to gut improvement. This particular study discovered in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and originally written about on Take note that other types of alcohol that contain no polyphenol compounds, such as gin cannot provide these same benefits.

The Benefits of Red Wine

The people in the study given Merlot experienced an increase of certain beneficial gut bacteria. In addition to that, they also experienced lower blood pressure levels, triglyceride levels, HDL cholesterol, and C-reactive protein levels.

In conclusion to the above, it is safe to say that regular consumption of red wine provides significant health benefits. Red wine helps to promote the growth of certain gut microbiota. Just two glasses of red wine daily that could change your life. Click here to find more ways to improve gut health.