Get a Fresher, Younger Face

Your face changes virtually every day, regardless of how small those changes really are, but it does come to the point where one day we look in the mirror and those changes are obvious and real.  Those really fine lines have deepened and gotten longer, the eyes have the appearance of being sunken, not to mention the drooping of the skin.  

How to Plump Your Lips with Lipliner

Caucasian women also have to deal with the thinning of the lips.  The older we get, the thinner they become, making applying lipstick and keeping it on the lips quite challenging.  Thin lips can get a great boost and look plumper or fuller with this easy tip below: use a neutral lip liner and trace a line across the peak of the upper lip. DO NOT dip in the center, and instead go straight across.  The next step involves filling in with the lipstick of your choice.  It’s an easy trick that creates an illusion of plumper lips.

This could also be used in conjunction with lip plumpers, which are products that have been available on the market for years, that provide a plumper pout.  Once it has worked its magic, simply blocked to remove the excess.  This lip plumper will also hydrate or moisturize the lips, which is a great way to keep lip color longer.  Finish up by plotting a lips with a tissue and then lightly dusting them with translucent powder and reapply lipstick by dabbing it on the lips.

The Eyelids

As a woman ages, all the skin on her face will change, including the that on and around the eyes.  For one thing, the eyelids will also form wrinkles, and there will be drooping that changes the eye shape.  Having said that, you will want to rethink the way you apply eyeliner and eyeshadow so that it looks its best.  Eye makeup tips for a mature woman begin with prepping the eye.  Here, it’s quick and easy, requiring only a light dusting of the lids with the powder prior to applying the eyeliner and the eyeshadow.  This step will prohibit the sliding in smearing of the colors.

Tip: Avoid cream eyeshadow which builds up in wrinkles, making them more apparent–instead use powder eyeshadow.


The Eyebrows

The eyebrows, any makeup specialist will tell you, frame the face, and as such, should be perfect. Very often, they are overly tweezed and/or poorly shaped, resulting in less than favorable results. Let them grow in gradually, a little a time, so as not to look unkempt, and reshape them, or better yet, see a specialist to shape them for you. This is an affordable service, and one that’s not time-consuming. Once well-shaped, make sure they’re the right color for you. As you mature, they lose their natural color, so you might want to color them to make them stand out more. Your eyes will thank you for it. Finally, use eyebrow pencils or eyeshadow to make them look fuller.