Pictures of Bad Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery FaceLifts

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Plastic SurgeryJoan Rivers Scary Facelift These pictures of Bad Cosmetic Surgery Facelifts show Joan Rivers, for starters tells the truth about going to far when it comes to improvements and trying to look younger. The fact is that too much cosmetic surgery turns people into freaks. Of course, one of the best examples of that is the late Michael Jackson, who simply wouldn’t stop.

There are no photos of him on this site because we don’t want to… frighten anyone. These are bad enough!


Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery gone badMeg Ryan naturally beautifulMeg Ryan Bad Cosmetic Surgery Facelift, among other procedures she had done,  is so evident and truly disappointing. America’s Sweetheart turned plastic, metamorphosing herself into someone unrecognizable. Look at the cheeks and the filler that stops at the nose to mouth lines and how the lips are affected by that and the lip augmentation she had done.  Too bad.



facelifts and plastic surgery gone badhollywood stars before cosmetic surgery faceliftsNicole Kidman before and after cosmetic surgery facelift and other obvious “improvements.” One thing about Nicole Kidman is that she always had superior taste in clothing and style, until she chose these cosmetic procedures. Firstly, the lips have changed incredibly, as did the cheeks. In the end, the results are unfavorable.

All these photos of Hollywood stars and their cosmetic surgery facelifts and other procedures are not shown to humiliate them or to turn others away from making some real improvements. Personally, I am not against such procedures. That’s why Cher, Sharon Osborne, and others are shown in another post. However, they must be done tastefully. Obviously, Cher and many others used superior plastic surgeons that made real improvements and didn’t turn them into the freaks like Michael Jackson, Mickey Rourke and many others.

The point is that if you are considering such procedures, do so with care by doing research into which procedures would be best. Do not FORCE anything unnatural. Stick with what you have, with just some touch ups.

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