Nose to Mouth Lines Cosmetic Procedures

Premature aging begins with some signs, of the first are the nose to mouth lines, or nasal labial folds. They usually form in people’s 30s or 40s. As the skin loses elasticity and collagen, the skin falls, resulting in these lines. Of course, they are a lifetime of expressions that become deeper with age. The cheekbone has its plump appearance because of the malar fat pad.


Unfortunately, as we age, it slacks and sags. There are different procedures available to correct these nasal labial folds, both invasively and non-invasively.

Cosmetic Surgery to Correct Nose to Mouth Lines

Correction of nose to mouth lines or folds surgically is typically the result of a facelift: be it total facelift, cheek, or midface. In this type of procedure, sagging skin along with the malar fat pad are pulled in an upward direction and placed strategically higher over the cheekbone to give the appearance of a more youthful, plumper face.

Non-Surgical Solutions for Nasal Labial Folds

Non-surgically, there are several options as well. With the help of soft tissue fillers such as Restalyn, and others, you can achieve plumpness all the while concealing the line and fold. These soft tissue fillers are injected at the area meant to be treated, in this case the nasal labial fold. For more of a plump, you should opt for the liquid facelift. This procedure uses fillers as well, but instead are used to add volume to the cheek area. At the same time, it lifts the sagging skin and pulls the nasal labial up.

Other Options

Other non-invasive procedures are laser or light therapies. They make the skin tighter. A threadlift is yet another. The results are somewhat like a facelift, without the downtime. Threads or sutures are injected into the area being treated.

thread lift

No matter what the procedure you decide, the best is to think it through and do some extensive research to pick the best one for you.  Consider budjet, downtime and other factors.