Non Surgical Facelifts

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There are different ways that we have available to us that could help us prolong our lives and look better all the while.  We do look at these various ways and therefore, it would be important to touch on all of them, including non surgical facelifts.  More and more men and women are having different procedures done in order to look younger.

Non surgical facelifts are those that don’t require any downtime and as the name suggests, involve no surgery.  A thread lift could be considered one such procedure.  This is where a special thread is inserted into the skin, above the hairline near the cheek area, by a professional. It is done in order to lift and pull back the sagging skin.

Although there really is no downtime or surgery, the procedure can be painful and costly. Of course, they cost much less than traditional and invasive surgeries cost, but they may not be as inexpensive as you may think. In fact, they cost about half of what a surgical facelift would, but that depends on the amount of threads being used and, of course, the particular surgeon and location. But, there are many benefits come with them. For one thing, they will reduce the sagging of cheeks, the jaw and the neck. They are also less risky than other procedures.

The procedure is performed in less than two hours, while the patient is awake, and scarring is practically invisible.  In addition to that, the improved results are immediately visible.

Not everyone is the right candidate for this procedure.  It is for those who don’t have extremely loose skin that droops too much.  For such cases, traditional surgery would be the ideal solution.

Before choosing a particular doctor, make sure you do all the research and get referrals, regardless of which procedure you have opted for.

Share this to your friends & family