Liver Care

Just like you, when I get headaches, a backache or pain of any kind, I turn to Tylenol or other brand of acetaminophen, and I always choose the extra strength dosage, which can be, according to an article I just read, terrible for my liver!!! I have also, after surgery, taken combination medication, i.e., a pain killer and Tylenol. However, now the FDA is claiming this practice to be UNSAFE. Yikes! I just think of how many times I have done that.  Furthermore, no more than 4000 mg of acetaminophen is allowable per day, for adults.


Liver Damage

And, just like you, I didn’t know that some prescription medications or OTC, already contain acetaminophen, so it’s easy to go beyond the daily recommended allowable dose. About 3 years ago the FDA recommended that manufacturers reduce the amount of acetaminophen in prescription medications to no more than 325 mg per capsule, to take effect this month, January 2014. Unfortunately, there are still combination drugs that contain more acetaminophen still available. That means that these medications can cause liver damage, according to the FDA. However, the FDA will begin removing them soon. Moreover, too much can result even in death!

Keep in mind that Extra Strength Tylenol, my choice pain reliever, contains 500mg per tablet. To make matters worse, something we probably all know, is that drinking alcohol while taking the pain relievers can put you at an even greater risk.

In other words, it’s vital that you look into what your doctor prescribes, and what your pharmacist gives you. Get to know your meds before you do any further damage. Read labels, and look at medication ingredients on the manufacturer’s website. If you still aren’t sure, then call your doctor, or the pharmaceutical company.

There are even skin rashes to deal with, with regards to acetaminophen.

Skin Rashes Associated with Acetaminophen

I don’t know about you, but I will surely be more careful in future.

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