Can You Naturally Thicken Eyelashes?

The eyelashes are of the most important features of the entire face because they draw immediate attention when someone is speaking or looking at you, since they surround the eyes. Most women surveyed would never leave their home without applying mascara, as it enhances the eyes tremendously. But, what if you could have naturally thicker eyelashes and feel comfortable about leaving your home without mascara? Wouldn’t that be great? Well, the tips below may help you achieve thicker lashes without chemicals or makeup.

Thicker Lashes

How to Get Thicker Lashes in One Month

Almond oil is the best treatment to achieve longer and thicker lashes. It only entails gently applying the oil onto the eyelashes each night for 4 weeks. Start by applying the almond oil from the roots to the tips and see the difference. Castor oil can work well too, so you can mix the two together to improve results. Whatever the case, almond oil for hair growth can be miraculous.

how to thicken eyelashes

This way, you can have great self-confidence in the way you look, without reaching for mascara, and you may avoid having to use commercial products that are made with chemicals and cost a bundle for little results. Try this natural approach before all else.

Caution: Although coconut oil works wonders on hair growth, don’t attempt applying it on the eyelashes because it stings.