Protect your teenage daughter from being one of the many breast cancer victims. Make your teen a survivor without suffering mentally or physically. It may be possible to naturally prevent breast cancer in women by starting prevention as a teen.

How to Prevent Your Teenager from Developing Breast Cancer in the Future


Recently, a study published in Pediatrics Journal showed that the risk of developing breast cancer in the future is reduced by eating a high-fiber diet in teenage years. It could significantly reduce the chances in the future if teenage girls ate more fiber. High-fiber diets, in fact, reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 19%, depending on the amount of fiber intake.

How Can a High-Fiber Diet Reduce the Risk of Cancer?

Naturally prevent breast cancer

Experts believe that breast cancer is linked directly to sex steroid hormone levels. Fiber prevents excessive estrogen from circulating within the bloodstream. This reduces the sex steroid hormone levels.

Fiber also manages or stabilizes blood sugar levels. It has been shown to prevent ovarian and colorectal cancer, as well as other diseases, like diabetes.

The lead researcher in this study, Maryam Farvid, explained that the breast cancer risk factors are critical in teenage years. She went on to explain that fiber intake, increased by 10 g per day, in adolescence can reduce these risks by 14%. It is believed that breast tissue is more susceptible to carcinogenic exposures during one’s childhood and their early adult life.

The study sampled 44,000 women. So, the results are quite significant. The key is for the teenage girls to consume a total of 28 g of fiber in their daily diet to reduce the risk of cancer.

Foods for Teenage Girls to Eat to Naturally Prevent Breast Cancer in the Future

*Raw fruits and vegetables

*Beans and legumes



Keep in mind that it’s not always what you eat, but often, what you don’t eat. Let teenagers be teenagers. Let them enjoy what they crave in moderation, so long as foods from the above list are included in their diet.