Arthritis is a common condition with risks that increase with age and family history of the condition. However, these tips to naturally prevent arthritis can help. It starts with living a healthy life. That means being active and eating right. These are easy lifestyle changes that will not only possibly prevent arthritis, but other conditions and chronic illnesses. The key is to take these tips and use them daily. Each one has to turn them into daily habits, and that can be challenging.

One of the main causes of developing arthritis has to do with being out of shape. Being overweight is another cause. Obese people are almost 2 times more likely to develop arthritis, according to the CDC. Overweight people put much more wear and tear on their joints.

Get Active To Be Healthy

The human body was not meant to be seated for hours on end. Instead, it was meant to be constantly on the go. Inactive people are more likely to report arthritis. Maintaining a healthy weight along with strong bones is the right way to go with regards to joint health. So, get the exercise it’s necessary, but start slowly. The best exercises for those who are out of shape or overweight include swimming or water aerobics. Both of these exercises involve water, which eases stress on the joints. When exercising, whatever you’re saying is, protect your joints. Beyond that, protect the cartilage and tendons that can easily be damaged when over exerting yourself, or when exercising improperly. Stretch before and after every workout.

Naturally Prevent Arthritis with Diet

Eating a healthy diet improves your overall health, as well as joint health. Healthy joints have no place for arthritis. Also, be sure to get enough vitamin D and calcium daily to avoid bone fractures, which are known to contribute to the development of arthritis. The key is to support bone health. Supplements are a good way to do this, but it’s important to talk to your doctor before hand.

Ankle Swelling

What to do If You Feel Joint Pain

If you’ve already felt arthritis symptoms and joint pain, seek help immediately. See your general practitioner to refer you to an expert in the field. Ignoring the joint pain will not make it go away. There are lots of approaches to treating arthritis, including physical therapy.