At some point in a woman’s life, she will have the displeasure of experiencing a yeast infection. The first experience will most likely lead her to the gynecologist, which is a good reaction to ensure that all other problems are ruled out. From there on, most will simply treat it themselves with a simple over-the-counter purchase at a drug store. However, there is a natural yeast infection remedy that could be a better solution and help you save a few dollars.

This is  a result of an imbalance of the natural bacteria that exists in the vagina. Once the imbalance occurs, there is an overgrowth of yeast. To avoid this from occurring, or at least to reduce the risk of having one, a woman should eat yogurt daily. The catch is to read the label and ensure that there are live cultural bacterium in the product. If they are lacking, it will not help in any way.

Regardless, a woman can still get a vaginal yeast infection due to other factors which include antibiotic therapy, irritants like detergents and soaps, clothing, etc. Firstly, a woman should always take acidophiles or other probiotics when on antibiotics to avoid the imbalance from happening.

A natural yeast infection remedy is using live bacterial cultured yogurt (plain, of course) directly at the source. For starters, it will eliminate the burning sensation that is felt by many. Secondly, it will combat the overgrowth and soon return the balance, helping you get back to normal.

It should be noted that the plain yogurt can be inserted safely into the vagina as well to provide relief from the uncomfortable itch and other symptoms. The yogurt can be inserted with an oral syringe or even with a tampon applicator.  It should be left in place, preferably overnight and can be less messy by simply wearing a pad.