Menopause and Sex — Natural Treatments to Reduce Hot Flashes and Increase Sex Drive

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A woman’s sex drive changes when the loss of estrogen occurs after menopause,  causing disinterest for any sexual activity. Much of that comes from less sensitivity to touch, vaginal dryness, and difficulty in becoming aroused.  Menopause can interfere in other ways with regards to sexuality which include, but are not limited to sleep interferences, depression, anxiety, and bladder control problems.

Because women will live one third of their lives in menopause, be it pre-, during, or post-, one must find ways to comfort oneself and find solutions to return to normalcy as quickly as possible.

It all begins way before the period comes to a halt, with inexplicable mood swings and a decreased appetite for sex, including other symptoms, like changes in the period.  This phase is known as perimenopause.

The next stage is actual menopause, where over  two-thirds of women will experience some, if not many, symptoms.  Understanding the changes in the body and mind may help to reduce or minimize the symptoms so that a woman can feel good about herself once again.

There are many things that can help with regards to night sweats, hot flashes and other disturbances in sleep which can help the woman stay more focused and calm. Sleep is a very important part of life and if it is disturbed in different ways, it can severely impact the mood, the physical and mental condition of the individual.

Start by analyzing the situation at hand to ensure that the exact problems are targeted and treated accordingly. Hot flashes, for instance, are extremely uncomfortable and can strike at any time in the day or night. To combat this naturally, use the proper supplements, like Black Cohosh. It should be noted that it is safe to take, however, results will differ from one woman to another.  About 30% of the female population will experience no symptoms at all and that is believed to be associated with the fact that their adrenal glands still produce some estrogen even though this production has stopped in the ovaries.

So, for those who do experience symptoms, it is recommended to exercise, reduce caffeine consumption, improve their diet, and increase their skills of coping with life and stressful situations.  Naturally reduce hot flashes with Vitamin E supplements, which can act as an estrogen substitute.  In addition to Vitamin E reducing hot flashes, it can also help with vaginal dryness, night sweats and mood swings.  The dosage recommended is 800 IU daily, however, it is essential to discuss this dosage with your doctor beforehand, as it can interfere with other medications and treatments as well as diabetes and high blood pressure conditions. If you are taking anti-coagulating medications, do not take Vitamin E.

Furthermore, the same results can also be achieved with supplementing the diet with Vitamin C and bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids are found in all citrus fruits, onions, green tea, white tea, dark chocolate, fruits and berries, to name but a few.  In addition to treating the hot flashes, these will also help the symptoms associated with night sweats, mood swings and as well as reduce bleeding in heavy periods.

Coping with depression and anxiety can also be done naturally with vitamins and herbs. For instance, St. John’s Wort can help those who are feeling down. Another way to improve the mood  is to increase Vitamin B6. The body becomes depleted of Vitamin B6 when emotional stress comes into play, thereby worsening depression, so it must be replaced with Vitamin B-complex supplements.  At the same time, it will also help the liver to regulate estrogen levels. This supplement should contain 50 milligrams Thiamin, 50 milligrams Niacin and 30 milligrams B6.

To summarize, many of the menopausal symptoms can be treated naturally with the help of vitamins and this improvement will positively impact both the body and mind to allow the woman to function as before. This could lead to an increased desire for sexual activity, among many other benefits in both her personal and professional life.


Share this to your friends & family