Easy Weight Loss

One of the biggest issues that people face with every new year is related to weight loss.  Unfortunately, many people choose very unhealthy ways to shed the extra pounds that they may have gained over the holidays, or simply have set their minds to becoming more slim and fit.  The only thing I can tell you is that it’s going to take a lot of effort and willpower, not to sound negative for anything like that.  The point is that losing weight is not something we wish for, but a goal we set with rules and habits that must change in order to accomplish those goals.

The worst thing that anyone can do is simply starve themselves.  Instead, they should be eating a balanced diet, and even something more than that.  In fact, people should forget about the eating habits they had throughout their lives and re-think everything they consume.  For instance, there has been a lot of information about cholesterol, fatty foods, sugar, salt, and anything else that we can think of, and much of it is incorrect.  The truth is scientific studies have demonstrated in the past, that eggs were the worst thing we could eat because they cause cholesterol.  In more recent years these studies have been discredited.  One day we were led to believe that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and another study claimed that it was harmful.

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Strengthen the Immune System

The most important thing that you can do to stay healthy is to improve your immune system, keep your brain healthy, and eat to live, and not the other way around.  What must be understood is that wheat is your biggest enemy on and as such, should be consumed very infrequently.  This may be difficult for most, considering that a huge part of our diets consist of wheat.  Unfortunately, wheat has been so greatly modified over the years that it has become questionable.  Books like Grain Brain even claim that wheat and grains are extremely harmful to people and their mental health, being responsible for dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Say no to Wheat

So how do you get around changing your diet and successfully lose weight?  Certainly it’s a good question, because most people will simply go on a diet for a short period of time, shed some weight, and then returned to their previous eating habits.  Therefore, your New Year’s resolution should not be how to lose weight, but how to feed your body can give it everything it needs.  You must recognize what’s bad for you and stay away from it, period.  Sure, treating yourself once in a while will not do you any harm, but this has to be a treat but doesn’t go beyond once a week.

Treat Yourself Occasionally

Better Food Options

Instead of a biscuit, toast, or even cereal every morning, consider having  a handful of nuts that will give your body and your brain the real nutrients it requires.  This could easily be enjoyed with a tablespoon of organic honey, and while there is plenty of natural sugar in the honey, it is a natural product that provides great benefits to your health.  Plus, this combination will keep you going until at the least snack time, or lunch for that matter.  As for lunch, instead of packing a sandwich with more bread, opt for soup or vegetables and if you really need something more solid, try other types of grains like Quinoa.  And, if at all possible, invest some time and make bread with healthier grains yourself.  This will avoid all the additives and preservatives, and who knows what else, is put into commercial breads.

The Mediterranean Diet

Also, the Mediterranean diet had proven itself for centuries that it was, and still is, the best way to go.  No matter where you live, forget about the Western diet because it is extremely harmful and responsible for many chronic diseases and illnesses but the population suffers from to the point where it seems like it’s an epidemic.  That means reducing the amount of red meat to no more than once or twice a month.  Yikes, can you live with that!  Of course, proteins will come from legumes like lentils, chickpeas, and the like.  You can even make chickpea meatballs which can be baked rather than fried for a very filling, delicious, and nutritious meal.

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The whole point is that it’s easy to stay healthy and be slim if you make the right food choices, without causing your body damage.  In fact, the better you eat, the quicker you lose weight, the more focused you’ll be and the more energetic you’ll feel.  So if your New Year’s resolution is all about weight-loss and getting fit, it all starts off in your kitchen and what goes on your plate.