Speed up natural weight loss

Weight is a big issue. Much of it is related to a sedentary lifestyle, combined with unhealthy eating habits. It’s not the chips or chocolate you snack on from time to time, but the packaged foods prepared by the food manufacturers, and all their hidden sugar. Sugar is the only thing we eat that offers no benefit. What’s more is that the daily maximum is ten teaspoons, which is in a glass of Coke or other soda. Sugar-free sodas aren’t theanswer either, sweetened with questionable chemicals; they can’t be good for the body.

Cook at home and you’ll start to see the difference. Forget fast food. But, EAT CUMIN.

Cumin is full of good things, is an antioxidant and phytosterols. It’s a natural digestive aid. It can help with hemorrhoids, skin issues, anemia, and more. It’s popular in Indian cuisine.

How to lose weight with cumin

Add cumin to various foods, as in the examples below.

*Saute vegetables and add ground cumin, or add it to hummus or guacamole.
*Make tea by boiling the cumin seed in the water and steep it for 20 minutes.
*Flavor nuts by sprinkling cumin over them.
*Sprinkle it in soups
*Add it to rice while it’s cooking.

Research has proven that cumin helps with weight loss. When trying to lose weight and in addition to a 500 daily caloric reduction, consume 3 grams of cumin powder each day, mixed with five teaspoons of unsweetened yogurt. This will also reduce body fat by over 10%, as well as reducing cholesterol and triglycerides.

You have nothing to lose but weight!