High cholesterol is something that many people have to live with and have to watch themselves to reduce those levels for better health and longer living. Anti-aging is a concept that deals with this and other health issues, in addition to beauty regimes that will help each look better and more youthful.  Bad cholesterol is and has been treated traditionally with special diets and drugs known as cholesterol-lowering statins.

As for diet, primarily red meat, high saturated fatty foods like butter and others have to be avoided in order to keep those levels down. Recently, science has shown that there is much more to diet than meets the eye, and that comes with which foods to eat. In other words, many foods can reduce high LDL levels.

Last week, the Journal of the American Medical Association found that eating certain foods will improve LDL cholesterol more than restricting one’s diet by up to half! Anyone who understands the health risks involved with bad cholesterol knows just how important these findings really are, as they can reduce one’s risk of a stroke or heart attack.

Whatever the findings, however, do NOT stop your current medication to try these natural remedies. There isn’t enough data recorded to show long term effects. Instead, stick to the prescribed statins and add the following to your diet religiously. After having been tested and after having discussed the results with your doctor, it may be considered, but only with his or her blessings.

It’s natural for people to want to avoid medication because of the side effects that they all come with, but it isn’t smart to make these decisions on your own.  Be a patient patient. For those with a healthy range overall cholesterol level, they are two times less likely to suffer a fatal heart attack or stroke as those with high LDL levels.  Unfortunately, too many people suffer from this condition, i.e. about one sixth of the American population and most are treated with statin drugs.

Canadian study found that people  who ate powerful cholesterol foods could reduce their levels dramatically and they include soy protein, oats, barley, nuts and plant sterols. Therefore, instead of milk, choose soy milk and rather than red meat opt for tofu. It is recommended to eat a handful of almonds and/or walnuts each day, as well.  In fact, start your day with the nuts and soy milk for a fast breakfast.

Plant sterols can be found in vegetable oils, orange juice, cereals,  and margarine among others.  Including such foods in your diet, in addition to avoiding high cholesterol foods that are high in saturated fats could bring astounding results that may actually see an end to your statin drug prescription at some point.