Latest Anti-Aging News: What Skin Care Products Celebrities Use

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The latest anti-aging news: what skin care products celebrities use in their quest to fight premature aging often leads the average consumer to follow suit. Why? Well, it’s all about how the Hollywood stars are always search for the best of every thing, especially beauty products so that they can look their best. No matter how we see it, this is the way they stay on top, get movie offers and keep their careers blossoming.

The latest skin care products celebrities use brings us to Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals, created by Dr. Perricone, board certified dermatologist and nutritionist, and author of best-selling books. His celebrity followers include Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes and Uma Thurman.

It all started with the concept that certain foods have anti-inflammatory properties and so suggested a diet that will improve the condition of the skin, such as evening color tone and tightening pores. Initially, Perricone’s theories of a particular diet which includes foods rich in Omega 3s, supplements and creams applied to the skin, were criticized by the medical community, but according to Perricone, “now it’s mainstream.”

Now, his company earns over $100 million each year. His theories also suggest avoiding certain foods that are known to cause the inflammation, which include starches and sugars. Of course, he also recommends plenty of rest to replenish the body, mind and skin, as others in the medical community also recommend.

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