Latest Anti-Aging News of the American Academy of AntiAging

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The American Academy of AntiAging holds a conference each year in New York. This is the organization that studies the leading factors related to premature aging and illnesses associated with it, along with different clinical studies and other important matters related to the subject. Glycation and AGEs or Advanced Glycation End Products, were viewed as the leading causes of aging because it occurs when sugar levels are elevated and oxidized, causing a chain of damaging chemical chain reactions.

What are AGEs? Seemingly, they are substances in the blood that form from sugar. These substances attach to the lipid without enzymes being present and thus increase damage rapidly to the cells and tissues. Unfortunately, this damage is irreparable and irreversible, causing what is known as premature aging.

AGEs, although they form slowly in normal healthy individuals, in those with diabetes, the damage occurs more rapidly. Much of this has to do with the fact that diabetics already have issues with sugar in their blood.

This is what leads to many diseases and complications, such as heart disease, neuropaty, nephropathy, atherosclerosis and retinopathy. This evidence should cause the alarms to sound off, especially since diabetes is increasing among the population at epidemic proportions. In fact, it is estimated that close to 80 million Americans alone are diagnosed with pre-diabetes and there are currently about 26 million that have this chronic disease. In other words, currently 11.5% of Americans have diabetes, and the CDC projects that by 2050, that number will jump to about 33%!

In New York, the Director of the Heart, Diabetes and Weight Loss Centers, Dr. F. Vagnini has found a possible natural solution which has been labeled AGE ESsential Defense that is getting a lot of attention from the antiaging experts in the Us. Basically, this is an anti-glycation formula which naturally blocks AGEs from developing. They work by normalizing the blood sugar levels.

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