The latest anti-aging news is good news. There is now a better survival rate for pancreatic cancer patients with Folforinex. In fact, pancreatic patients have a 60% better survival rate due to a concoction of 4 chemotherapy medications. These latest findings come from French scientists which have been reported in the New England Journal of Medicine recently.

As you may already know, pancreatic cancer has a very high death rate,  estimated at 85% with the figures representing Americans inflicted with it and only 6% will live longer than 5 years.

Of course there are numerous side effects that accompany this cocktail of medicine, and some patients will  experience a decline in their quality of life.  This Phase III study named Prodige 4/Accord 11 was conducted by Dr. Thierry Conroy in France on 342 patients who have pancreatic cancer and under the age of 76 years old, for a period of six months. One hundred and seventy one patients were given Gemcitabine, while the other half received the concoction known as Folfirinox which includes oxaliplatin, fluorouracil, leucovorin and irinotecan.

When the two treatments were compared at 6 months,  the group taking Gemcitabine experienced over 60% decrease in quality of life, and just over 30% experienced a decrease in quality of life for those taking Folfirinox.  Also, those in the former group had a median survival time of  less than 7 months whereas those in the latter group, just over 11 months.

With regards to the side effects, the group receiving Folfirinox experienced weight loss, diarrhea, and pain and numbing in the hands and feet. As this method of medicating individuals suffering from pancreatic cancer shows promise but is highly toxic, it is important to note that only those under 75 years of age can be considered candidates with other medical criteria taken into consideration.