The Fluoridated Toothpaste Controversy

Fluoride is a common ingredient associated with healthy teeth. But, is your toothpaste killing you slowly, or at least making you ill? There is evidence that fluoride is dangerous, especially in higher doses. It’s extremely toxic, and an ingredient in pesticides, as well as in rat poison. Have you noticed the new warning on the toothpaste tubes, as per the

fluoride in toothpaste

Poison Warning

FDA? They require the products to label tubes with a POISON WARNING that clearly instructs consumers to call the poison control center, should more than the recommended amount of toothpaste be swallowed.

That said, fluoride may not kill you if used accordingly, but it can be very dangerous for infants and toddlers who cannot spit out the residue, so pay a little bit more for fluoride-free toothpaste for them.

Fluoride Supplements

Furthermore, dentists have recommended that young children ingest fluoride tablets or supplements to strengthen their teeth. How outrageous is that!!! Perhaps parents should research the subject further, and not leave it up to others, as they may be endangering their loved ones. Make educated decisions for yourself and your children, and don’t always leave it up to others. Just consider how often the medical community, the FDA, and science has been wrong in the past.

Risks Associated with Fluoride

Fluoride exposure is known to cause skeletal fluorosis, as well as dental fluorosis, and may be responsible for illness of different kinds, including:

* glucose intolerance
* arthritis
* thyroid problems
* bone fragility
* cancer
* cardiovascular disease.

Imagine the amount of exposure to fluoride you or your children are subjected to if you live in an area with water fluoridation, fluoride tablets, fluoridated toothpaste, fluoridated mouth wash, and so on. Over time, the body becomes overloaded with this toxic substance that is hard for the body to expel.

And, while on the subject, if you live in a city with a water fluoridation program, do all you can to avoid consuming this water, and possibly bring this matter to the attention of your city councilors. The vast majority of European countries reject this practice (and for good reason), yet tooth decay in those countries has NOT increased. Food for thought.