Microwave Popcorn Health Risks

Microwave popcorn could very well be dangerous. There are countless dangerous ingredients in microwave popcorn, and it should be avoided at all costs. Depending on the brand, there are artificial flavors that are used to make it taste so great, and they could include MSG, diacetyl butter flavor, and other questionable ingredients.

So What’s Wrong with Microwave Popcorn?

The health risks involved with microwave popcorn:

Diacetyl, an ingredient also found in numerous other snack and fast foods, affects the brain, possibly attributing to the growing incidence of Alzheimer’s, and inhibits the the removal of beta amyloid from the brain. While direct links to diacetyl and Alzheimer’s are not determined, the fact that it contribute to brain plaques that are linked to this debilitating disease is worrisome.

The Bag
The microwavable bag. In itself the bag is dangerous to our health. It is lined with a product known as PFOA, or perfluorooctanoic acid. In the event you don’t know this (and you probably don’t) it’s a chemical used in the amazing non-stick TEFLON pots and pans! It’s toxic and remains within the body for extended periods of time. According to the EPA, it is a substance listed as a carcinogen.

GMO Ingredients
GMO ingredients are also a part of different microwave popcorn brands. For whatever reason, and there are numerous theories, GMOs have NOT been tested long-term on humans but are linked to a variety of health problems affecting people in North America. GMOs are NOT permitted in Europe (lucky them). Microwavable popcorn is not in itself genetically modified corn, but the oils or emulsifiers added actually are.

Trans Fats
Trans Fats. Many brands also use hydrogenated oils which translate into trans fats. These are the fats that add inches to the waistline and are associated with thousands of heart attacks and deaths each year.

Propyl Gallate. An additive to foods containing oils and fats to prevent oxidation. It has been linked to stomach and breathing problems, as well as skin rashes. Once again, the rest of the world seems to be parting ways with the product, except for North America.

TBHQ or Tertiary Butylhydroquinone is accepted by both the FDa and EFSA (or the European Food Safety Authority. In lab tests, animals given higher concentrations have produced stomach tumors and DNA damage. Other studies have proven that prolonged exposure to high doses can be carcinogenic. Higher doses, or possibly prolonged exposure could be linked to stomach cancer, ADHD, allergies, and asthma, among other problems.

Think About It
You be the judge. Do you want your children exposed to such dangerous, questionable chemicals in their foods? Why, when there are easy alternatives that are just as, or even more affordable. Pop your own popcorn in a pot using real butter or a healthy oil, or go all the way with a specifically designed appliance that pops kernels just right and healthy.

Popcorn Kernals.jpg

Keep in mind that the food manufacturers, the marketing companies and the FDA acts suspiciously, labeling foods that contain trans fats, for example, as trans fat free.  Also, consider the overload on our systems, as people eat more processed and refined foods, junk food, fast food, and so on. Add them all up and the amounts of these dangerous preservatives increase, and possibly to dangerous levels.

Secret Ingredients
The Secret Ingredients. I like to call them ‘secret’ because they are just that. They are undisclosed ingredients camouflaged under the title “Artificial Flavors.” At times they could be MSG, which gives me personally, a huge headache. Chemicals are truly not meant to be consumed by humans. The problem with this label is it leads consumers to believe that it isn’t dangerous.