Iodine is a chemical element vital for good health. For years iodine was intentionally added to breads to prevent an iodine deficiency in people. In fact, many years ago, just one slice of bread contained about 150mg of iodine, providing for the RDA of iodine, so people who lived in the good old days of the 1960s enjoyed 75% of their daily recommended daily allowance from just ONE slice of bread.


Iodine is needed to avoid the onset of hyperthyroidism and Grave’s Disease by avoiding the excess release of thyroid hormone. At the same time it was able to absorb radioactive iodine.

Iodine was removed from bread and other baked goods, and was unfortunately replaced with the ever-dangerous bromine. what’s dangerous about bromine is that, to the thyroid gland, bromine is similar to iodine, so it binds to the gland’s receptors. The problem with that binding is that bromine is useless to the thyroid gland, and also inhibits iodine’s activity within the gland. Moreover, bromine can affect your memory and impair your thinking, and has other adverse effects on the body. As a result, this replacement in baked goods has led to an epidemic in iodine deficiency in North American.

Baked Goods and Bromine


How Iodine Benefits the Body

To begin with, iodine rids the body of bromine, lead, fluoride, aluminum, mercury and other toxins. So, this increase in diseases is possibly attributed to iodine having been substituted by bromine. Or, at least, it should be investigated further, perhaps.

What Can Occur with an Iodine Deficiency?

Numerous health problems can result from an iodine deficiency. In lab rats, it demonstrates fatigue and abnormal pituitary function. When there is no iodine to bind to thyroid cell membranes, autoimmune diseases can occur, for instance, in the case of thyroid problems, Hashimoto’s or Graves Disease. For many, iodine replacement resolves these problems. And, for over a century, iodine replacement was the solution to a hypo or hyper thyroid gland. Moreover, it’s not just the thyroid gland that needs iodine to maintain normal function, including the stomach and salivary glands. However, the problem with iodine absorption in other parts of the body is impossible if blood iodine levels are not normal.

Low level stomach acid may be caused by an iodine deficiency, because iodine actually promotes stomach acidity, which is imperative to digestion. Unfortunately, most people believe that it’s a good thing to have low stomach acid levels, but that is not the case.

Breast and Prostate Issues

Breast, ovarian and skin cysts can all be resolved, for the most part, with iodine therapy. Both breast cancer and prostate cancer demonstrate that patients were lacking in iodine. In one study that consisted of sixty patients, all of them showed an iodine deficiency. Also, ovarian and endometrium cancers may be linked to this deficiency as well.

Iodine Deficiency and Breast Issues

Other Issues Regarding an Iodine Deficiency

There is reason to believe that iodine deficiency may be responsible for glaucoma and Parkinson’s disease. Iodine therapy can also reverse the high levels of lipoprotein, the substance that block arteries.

Iodine Deficiency and Glaucoma

How to Detect an Iodine Deficiency

Thankfully, there exists a test that can diagnose an iodine deficiency, known as a loading test. Basically, the patient is required to take iodine tablets (exactly 4 of 12.5 mg each), and the urine is then collected and examined in the following 24 hours. Should there be a deficiency, then the body will hold on to much of the iodine, and very little will be found in the urine.

After several months of treatment, there should be an improvement in the patient, and if not, then there is not a problem with iodine absorption.

Correcting the Iodine Deficiency

¬†Iodized salt is not the answer because you’d have to consume far too much salt to accomplish this. However, there are preparations, like Iodoral, developed by Dr. Abrahams to treat the problem. The government RDA is far lower than the preparation which is meant to supply 6mg to the thyroid gland, 5mg to the breasts in women, and 2mg for the other parts of the body. In males, the numbers are slightly lower.

Iodized Salt Is NOT the Answer for Iodine Deficiency

Having said all that, it is crucial to undergo such therapy under the supervision of a qualified physician. There are a few solutions available that are capable of treating the iodine deficiency. An iodine therapy could also possibly eliminate thyroid hormone replacement, which could also reduce the incidence of breast cancer.

For some reason, the women of Japan ingest the most iodine of all women in the world, through their consumption of seaweed. Fascinatingly enough, they have the lowest occurrences of breast cancer on a global level. Moreover, the Japanese in general also have the lowest rates of any type of cancer, compared to all other countries, as they have the lowest incidences of iodine deficiency. Iceland also has very low incidences of breast cancer, as they also intake high levels of iodine. On the other hand, high incidences of breast cancer are found in Mexico and Thailand, both of which generally have low iodine intakes.

Iodine Deficiency and Diabetes

In a few cases, doctors observed diabetic patients who, after undergoing an iodine therapy to correct the deficiency required reducing their insulin dosages and medications.

Iodine in Food

Foods Containing Iodine

Foods that contain iodine are highly recommended to include in one’s diet. Choose sardines, which have a short lifespan, meaning they don’t have mercury contamination. Also, include in your diet plenty of seaweed.