Is it Possible to Remove Dry Dead Skin from Your Feet Easily?

There are lots of incredible homemade recipes to help women with their beauty regimes, and resolve any problems they may come across at any age– from acne issues to hair loss to removing dry dead skin from feet.  Some may work for some people, some may not work at all for anyone, but some really knock it right out of the ballpark for everyone, like this amazingly effective formula that’s been circulating social media for quite some time, and known as the exfoliating Listerine And Vinegar Soak.


What’s Involved in the Listerine and Vinegar Soak?

Obviously, the two ingredients above are required, as is a small bucket that’s large enough to fit your feet.  You’ll need one half cup of white vinegar and another half cup of Listerine (I prefer the cool mint to really relax my feet and make them tingly), as well as about a cup of warm water, which should all be mixed into the bucket.  Soak your feet in the solution for 15 minutes, until you see the dead skin beginning to peel.  You may need to leave them soak for longer, about another 15 minutes extra if your feet are in really bad shape.

Is It Safe?

The good news is that this is an all natural soak, so you can rest assured that it is safe, and only those, such as diabetics and others who have feet problems should avoid it.  The other good news is that it’s an inexpensive soak, with ingredients that are typically found in almost any home.  Either way, even having to purchase these ingredients, they are quite inexpensive, so if it isn’t as effective for you as it is for others, you will not have wasted much time or money, and even the products can be used in other ways.

How Does the Listerine and Vinegar Soak Exfoliation Work?

Listerine is a product that most of us are familiar with, and probably the majority of us has actually used in our oral hygiene routines.  It contains an ingredient, known as Thymol, that is known to kill bacteria and fungus, which is why it’s also recommended for use in treating toenail fungus, and other fungi problems.  So, the bottom line is that it will kill germs.

White vinegar is acetic acid which has antibacterial properties as well.  The vinegar works by softening the skin, thereby simplifying exfoliation, especially with dry cracked heals or mild athlete’s foot.