How to Plump Your Skin, and Look Younger

What really makes one look older?  The lack of collagen in the skin that causes sagging, drooping, wrinkles and fine lines.  In order to defy aging, you must learn how to plump your skin and look younger.  It is not the easiest task to take on, but it is doable, however, it takes some commitment. If you’re looking for the magic formula in cosmetic products that are found on shelves, you might be disappointed.  It’s not as easy as that, and it’s not as quick

plump skin

as that.  What is necessary is that you change your diet, a little bit, for starters.  What you are putting into your body is showing on your skin, which is the largest organ on your body.  Of course, it is evident on other organs, it they lie on the inside and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Changing Your Diet

The truth is, if you want to stay looking young, you must be willing to commit to it.  A change in your diet is key to seeing positive results.  And these results will show on your skin within a few weeks.  Eating the right fruits and vegetables and preparing your meals in a healthier way will improve your entire system and the way it functions.  Hence, your skin and all that relates to your skin will benefit from it.

In addition to altering the diet, your skin will also benefit from certain supplements, such as coenzyme Q.10, resveratrol, and a multivitamin, if you cannot commit to taking separate vitamins.

You will notice an amazing difference in your appearance and your levels of energy simply by making these two changes.

It is important to understand just how necessary all it really is to plump your skin and look younger.  There are other key factors involved in antiaging.  And you should never assume that antiaging is just associated with skin, because it is associated with everything that has to do with your lifestyle.

Facts About the Sun and Your Skin

Everyone knows how important it is to stay out of the sun.  The UVA and UVB rays of the sun are extremely damaging to the skin.  Although you may have a healthy glow you’ll find that the continual healthy glow will lead to wrinkles and spots in the future.  It cannot be said enough times, wear sunscreen when outdoors.  If you cannot commit to wearing sunscreen on your face at all times, then purchase a moisturizer that contains the minimum SPF 15.


With regards to moisturizers and cosmetics, try to find the more natural ones available.  It is recommended that you avoid products that contain many chemicals, and avoid those which contain parabens.  Try to find products that contain keratin, as keratin is natural and exists in the skin.  Also be aware of products that claim to be all natural and learn how the read the labels to avoid those “all natural” products that contain harmful preservatives.