A new study conducted by Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences in Yazd, Iran has some people excited. It demonstrates that supplementing your diet with ginger powder can treat and improve type 2 diabetes mellitus.
It requires taking 1 gram of ginger powder capsules 3 times every day for a two-month period. The results of the study showed that this supplementation improved fasting glucose and insulin sensitivity. This study had 88 participants that had type 2 diabetes mellitus. Some were given the natural supplementation, while others a placebo for 8 weeks.

 Each participant had individual assessments at the start and end of the trial.

type 2 diabetes FBS
The results were quite astounding. Comparing the two groups, those taking the ginger powder supplements actually decreased their fasting blood sugar levels by more than 10%! Those who took the placebo suffered an increase in their FBS by 21%.  Other positive findings for those that took the ginger powder supplements included a decrease in HbA1c levels, a significant difference in fasting insulin level, among some other positive findings.
Therefore, it’s plain to see that there is lots of good to come from this study, and taking ginger powder supplements. Researchers agree that such practice is beneficial for any type 2 diabetes patient.