How to Get Younger Looking Eyes with Makeup

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For women who want to keep that twinkle in their eye, they must enhance the feature accordingly. One has to keep in mind that the way in which makeup is worn has to change as we age. Sticking to the same old look simply won’t help you look better or younger, in fact, it will have the opposite effect. Learn how to get younger looking eyes with makeup and by practicing natural methods. Below are some interesting tips for makeup application over 40.

To begin with, the face should be thoroughly cleansed and hydrated with a high quality moisturizer. Foundation that is a shade lighter or darker than your actual skin tone is ideal. The important thing is to enhance features and look your best, not to look fake or overdone.

A water-based foundation is best for those who have oily skin, but many women have dry skin as they age so an oil base is fine for those. The next step is to apply concealer in the correct color. Although many choose white or a shade of beige, the right under eye dark circle solution is another color. This could be yellowish, bluish or reddish as it depends on the darkness and color of the circles.

Next, apply translucent powder either with a brush or a pad. Make sure it blends in well with the base.

TIP: One can wear only translucent powder but one can NEVER go just with foundation.

The following step involves applying eye makeup to get younger looking eyes. Apply a light eyeshadow on the inner eyelid as it makes them look less tired. With a soft brush, use a dark shade of brown, blue or what have you to apply along the crease of the lid. Ensure it is not too dark and brush it out, using an eyeshadow applicator or a blending brush.

TIP: Avoid creamy eyeshadow as it tends to get into fine lines, making them more apparent. Instead, choose powders.

Apply a pencil eyeliner to the upper lid, like a dark brown and continue on the lower eyelid. Again, with an eyeshadow applicator or brush, soften the liner, especially on the lower lids.

TIP: Use a white eyeliner to line in inside of the eyelids, both top and bottom as this will lighten the eyes and make them look younger.

Of course, the eye makeup application should be completed with a good quality mascara to accentuate the eyes further.

Share this to your friends & family