How to get younger looking eyes: Shaping eyebrows to turn back the hands of time

great shape eyebrow for women over 40
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These tips will ensure that the proper shaping of eyebrows will literally take years off your face and help you get younger looking eyes. Below is a short list of tools and ways to use them for the best results.

You will need:

  • high quality tweezers
  • a straight and level pencil, pen or other apparatus measuring about 5 or 6 inches
  • a magnifying glass

Getting the perfect eyebrows is the key to getting a non-surgical facelift. However, it requires planning, time and accuracy. It means that after a few hairs are tweezed, individuals need to step back and look at the whole picture.

Now, it is important to check the condition of the brows as they are. Some women tend to overdo, and that is not always a good thing. Instead, place the pencil alongside the nostril and straight along the inner corner of the eye. Normally, the brow should begin thereabout.

TIP: If the eyes are set too close together, this can be offset slightly by moving that starting point out.

If the brows are surpassing this point, those hairs should be tweezed to align with the pencil. Next, slant the pencil so that it passes over the outer part of the eye. The eyebrow should end at this point, anything below or surpassing this point will actually drag the eye downward, causing the individual to look older.

Next, work on the arch. This is a very important part of the entire operation and thus requires precision and patience. By tweezing properly in this area, it will lift the face. Developing the perfect arch on both brows can be a challenge, so take your time, step back and look at the big picture with careful inspection.

TIP: To ensure that the shaping is done properly, give yourself a break so that your eyes are rested and fresh to really focus on the task at hand.

Tweeze a bit of the left brow and then shift to the right. This will somehow increase the chances of getting the most identical brows possible.

Another thing for women to keep in mind is that tweezing doesn’t necessarily happen only from the bottom of the brow. In fact, in order to get a beautiful arch, you may need to tweeze slightly from the top as well.

Finally, you will possibly need to trim the brows slightly to get the right shape and length, without any strays to spoil the results. Then, it is a matter of filling in some of the gaps with an eyebrow pencil of the correct shade.

TIP: One can also use a powder eyeshadow to fill in the brows. To keep the shape going all day and all night, use a cotton swab with a dab of hair or aloe gel and gently pass over the brows.

Share this to your friends & family