How to Eyebrows – Eyebrow Tattoos

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As you may already know, the eyebrows actually perform a function, which is to help keep perspiration from dripping into the eyes.  They also serve with regards to beauty, by framing the face, and the face can  be changed dramatically with the shape and style of the brows. Below is everything you would need to know about  eyebrow tattoos  and how to eyebrows to get the best look possible. Because the eyebrows are an essential part of the face, it is crucial that they are properly shaped, filled in and colored. Sometimes this is not enough, however, as age can make them thinner, more sparse, and lighter in color to the point where they do not make the statement they were meant to make.

Obviously, this leads women to penciling them in everyday, but this can get tiresome for some. It is also frustrating because, they should not be touched, otherwise it could lead to smudging or complete removal of the shading.  It could get quite embarrassing in certain situations, but more often than not, it is just a matter of habituating yourself to keeping your hands off them. While permanent makeup is growing more in popularity each day, it is not for everyone.  In fact, it is imperative to carefully sort through the pros and cons of this application because, whether it’s called permanent or semi-permanent makeup, it is there to stay.  Also, as with all tattoos, there are some risks involved that include but are not limited to,dissatisfaction and error. On the upside, it is a great way to eliminate part of your makeup routine, saving you precious time every morning, and ensuring you look your best as soon as you get out of bed.  It can do a lot to boost morale and self-confidence in many women who may otherwise feel self-conscious about them.

Shaping eyebrows takes time and lots of effort, whether you will be going through with the eyebrow tattooing or not.  No matter what, they need to be properly shaped so that you look your best.  Another challenging part to eyebrows is tweezing them.  It is often hard enough to get the perfect shape, and it is even more difficult when eyesight begins to diminish, making it hard to see the individual hairs that need to be removed, even with a magnified mirror.  Certainly, we wear glasses to correct that discrepancy in our sight, but using tweezers beneath the glasses can be a challenge in its own right.

That said, shaping eyebrows on your own requires you to remain patient.  In between  removing a few hairs, it is important to take a step back and observe the progress.  Determine the shape by using a pencil or any other straight object. Line it up from the widest part of the nose, crossing just the edge of your inner eye, and that should be a good starting point for the distance between the brows.  However, you may want to play with this distance depending on how closely together or how wide apart your eyes may be.  Next, comes shaping the arch.  A good way to determine the proper point is by taking that straight edged object, placing one end at the base of the nose and crossing right over the middle of your pupil.  For the outermost part, again use the straight edged object leaned up against the base of the nose and crossing just over the outer part of the eye.  That is exactly where your eyebrows should end.  If they are longer, they will make you look older.  The same is true if you do not have a good arch.  Ending the eyebrow at that point just to mentioned could take a few years off.  A high enough arch will also reduce the appearance of the drooping of the face that comes with aging.

There are many different opportunities to thoroughly shape eyebrows to give you the perfect look.  A good place to start is with a professional who can easily shape them to what you want.  Then, it is only a matter of maintaining them.  As for filling them in, you can use special eyebrow pencils, or even a perfect shade of powdered matte eyeshadow.  With regards to eyebrow tattoos, ask others who may have already taken the plunge and see how satisfied or unsatisfied they are.

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