Average Americans Eat 40 teaspoons of sugar DAILY!!!

To film a new documentary, That Sugar Film, the actor had to agree to add about a cup of sugar to his daily diet. Obviously, he experienced weight gain, and he felt terrible. He was eating 40 teaspoons of sugar each day, not unlike any other average American. The scary thing was that he wasn’t eating an unhealthy diet, so to speak, as he was eating foods that are considered to be healthy, and are labeled so by food manufacturers and marketing companies. The problem is they are all loaded with sugar.

These are the foods most parents feed their children. They include cereal, granola bars, juice, and a variety of other packaged foods or sauces. Throughout the day, people believe they are making the smart choice, but instead, they are getting overloaded with sugar. It didn’t take very long for the actor’s health to start suffering. Beforehand, he was following a healthy diet in its true form. In the two months of filming during the experiment, he gained 15 pounds. More than that, he put on about 10 cm of fat around his waist. In this short period, he also experienced early signs of pre-diabetes, as well as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and some heart issues.

The problem with these foods is that, since they are so high in sugar, can build up fat in the liver within days. He also experienced terrible mood swings as the sugar would spike the insulin in the blood stream and then experience a sugar crash a few hours later. Known as reactive hypoglycemia, the individual experiences lightheadedness, headaches, sudden weakness, and irritability or anxiousness when consuming sugar. The actor believes that this is what the children are experiencing on a daily basis throughout their lives, while their parents think they are feeding their children nothing but the best in terms of diet.

What’s more is that it can become addictive, as the sugar habit is hard to break. Within a few weeks, once he managed to break the habit, he returned to virtually to his original weight and began to feel better, while his liver health improved. He stopped drinking juices and went back to drinking water and ate real cooked food.