Treating your skin to a face mask is by far, one of the best things that you can do for it. Depending on the face mask you choose, you will get different results. However, while you may consider buying a commercial product, which often contains ingredients you may have never heard of, you can try homemade face masks and still get incredible results, without the added chemicals. These can be made from a variety of ingredients found in your kitchen. For instance, egg white face masks, on their own or mixed with other ingredients, soothe and moisturize, will minimizing pores.
Natural Face Mask with Egg:
All you need is to separate an egg, and add a drop of vanilla extract, then beat it slightly.  The vanilla is used to kill the unpleasant odor of the egg, but it is not an essential ingredient.  Then, apply it to the face, leaving the egg face mask on for about 15 or 20 minutes.
Wash the egg mask off with warm water, then apply a warm face cloth, followed up by a cool face cloth. This will deep clean pores and leave skin soft and supple. Remember to moisturize afterwards.
Egg and Yogurt  Face Mask Recipe
You will need 1 egg white and 1 tablespoon plain yogurt to make this homemade face mask.
Mix the two ingredients together and apply to the face, leaving the face mask on for several minutes. Again, rinse with warm water, as above. Follow up with a warm face cloth, and then finish up with a cold compress and a moisturizer.
While you allow your mask to set, consider treating the eyes to a couple of slices of cucumber. There cool feel will revitalize tired eyes. Use cucumber slices on the eyes after working on a computer for extended periods of time, as the cucumber will soothe them.

These homemade face masks can be used on a weekly basis, throughout the year, as these ingredients are always attainable in any season, and are good for all skin types. These are just a couple of examples of skin care treatments that you can make at home, or you can try a Pumpkin Face Mask.