Food is one of the pleasures in life but can also be extremely damaging to health. With several chronic diseases on the rise, it is of the essence to control one’s eating habits to avoid them from developing and from worsening. When it comes to high cholesterol, the top 10 foods to avoid are listed below to ensure this condition remains at bay…

  1. Shellfish. These tasty dishes may be pleasing to the palate, but they contain extremely high amounts of cholesterol. So, one should avoid clams, mussels, crab, lobster and oysters.
  2. Cream Cheese. Unfortunately, this delicious spread is overused and only 1 ounce amounts to 27 mg of cholesterol.
  3. Butter. Although  is a favorite spread, it should be avoided because of its high levels of cholesterol.  A small amount spread on toast is fine, consider how much better is used in recipes like deserts.
  4. Ice cream.  Ice cream is a favorite tasty dessert  especially in the summer months.  Unfortunately, only 3 1/2 ounces of this desert, which isn’t much, has 45mg of cholesterol, and the number increases with different flavorings.  Instead, all or frozen yogurt, preferably lowfat.
  5. Shrimp. In moderation, this food  is fine, but anything above that can be dangerous to your health. Yes, it is low in fat but it has high levels of cholesterol when eaten in large amounts.
  6. Bacon. Just avoid it!
  7. Eggs. Eggs are a great breakfast but the yolks contain the highest amounts of cholesterol we know of. Opt for egg white omelets instead.
  8. Fast Food. Burgers and breakfasts in fast food restaurants are best avoided because they contain up to 465 mg of cholesterol. This number represents the oversized breakfasts that people choose when on the run.
  9. Duck. Duck is delicious but is thankfully eaten only once in a while in Western cooking. Unfortunately, it is used much more in other parts of the world and contains large amounts of cholesterol, so be sure to eat it in moderation.
  10. Caviar. Thankfully, this delicacy is enjoyed very infrequently by most because of its high cost, meaning that many avoid the harmful amounts of high cholesterol levels it comes with.