What’s the Best Tea?

Traditionally, Asians, and especially the Chinese, have always been known to drink a variety of teas. It’s as though they knew of all the health benefits they brought, and hundreds of years later, the Western world is embracing teas like they were going out of style. Today, we have tea bars and specialty tea stores, as well as walls and shelves of different types of

teas and specially flavored teas in grocery stores that didn’t exist before.

So, what’s the super tea?

Green Tea

Green tea. You have surely heard of it and have tried it at least once, but it’s important to understand the benefits this super tea can bring you.

Green Tea can:

1. Fight cancer. Women who drank 3 cups of green tea each week reduced their risk for developing a digestive cancer.

2. Potentially fight belly fat. While studies in humans remain somewhat inconclusive, they are pretty conclusive in lab mice. In fact, consuming green tea, in conjunction with exercise resulted in a 36% reduction in belly fat.

3. Protect your brain. In lab studies, mice consuming green tea were protected against neurological diseases, thanks to the drink contain a polyphenol, EGCG.

4. Improve memory. The brain connections that process and store information were increased with just 250 mg of green tea extract.

5. Protect you against stroke. You could reduce your risk of having a stroke by up to 20% by drinking 3 cups of this super tea.